School Age



Superstart Childcare Philosophy

We believe in developing strong ongoing relationships with families and whānau, encouraging them to actively participate in their children’s holistic development, knowledge and ongoing learning.

We aim to give children a sense of belonging, with rights and a sense of responsibility for the rights of others. This happens when children in our environment are nurtured and supported with positive interactions, programmes that meet individual needs, fosters independence and provides for small groups and a focus on skills for school.

We acknowledge that we serve a multicultural society, valuing all cultures and working alongside and with our families in an inclusive environment. We are committed to working with children with learning difficulties, working with Ministry of Education special education team to support their needs. We value and are committed to implementing Te Tiriti o Witangi principles and Maori as Tangata Whenua.

We are committed to “Te Whāriki” the New Zealand early childhood curriculum to provide a framework for everyday practice.

Our long term vision is we see a place where teacher and whānau work together to provide a safe, caring, loving respectful and stimulating environment for our children. And our mission is creating a welcoming, caring and creative learning environment that empower all learners to reach their highest potential.

"We care as you do"